Monday, February 25, 2008

A little of this and a little of that

This past weekend was busy! Friday evening we split wood, Saturday we burned brush and Sunday - JD painted.
The weather was cold but since there was no wind, we were able to begin the "brush burning" ritual. We have lots and lots and lots of trees that during winter have lots and lots and lots of broken branches and instead of trashing up the woods, we burn them! Another good thing about burning is the ashes we have after all is burned down goes into our garden! After finishing the burning, I passed one of our flower beds that is still covered with last years leaves and could not believe what I saw. Now, anyone that knows me fairly well knows that I LOVE Winter!!! However, after seeing this, I am ready for Spring! I'm hoping it's a sign.

Have you ever done something that you couldn't believe you did? You know you did it and honestly thought what you were doing was right; not stopping to think of the outcome? Well, I did it! I was cleaning one of the bathrooms over the weekend (which still has some previous owners' remnants in regards to painting over outlets) and decided to try to clean the old paint off. Realizing that bleach works on everything, I proceed to spray on and into the outlet. I take my rag to begin removing the old paint and ZAP... Yikes! Smoke comes out of the outlet. However, it didn't fry it . . only me! I actually even kept wiping over it, still feeling jolts, but needing to get this paint off! I hear my husband coming and I decide to fess up (only because I wanted to make sure I didn't really screw things up). As I confess, he just shakes his head and says, "Smoke? Smoke came out? Smoke? Yes a little smoke. He then managed to inform me that this was the dumbest thing I have ever done! Well, not in those exact words, but you get the point.

He painted Kristin's room this past weekend and it really looks nice. We are almost finished! (I know, I keep saying that but it is true: Den, Kitchen, entryway (w/laundry) and 1/2 bath). Kristin's room is called Palm Breeze. The den and kitchen colors are really making it hard on us but we have narrowed it down. We are really hoping to be finished soon as my family is coming for Easter. After Easter means getting the garden ready and getting all of the "yard" equipment maintained for the season and opening and cleaning our pond!

WHEW, I am a little wordy today. After reading the post MelisB had about she and her sister watching High School Musical, I had to write about this. If you have read any of my posts, you would know my daughter LOVES Zac Efron. Let me reiterate her obsession: Zac pillow, folders, posters, movies, books, buttons, Zac hairspray calendar, laptop name is Mrs. Zac Efron, elastic arm bands and the infamous letter T she wears around her neck that is for Troy Bolton (Zac's role in HSM). I watched HSM a couple months ago and actually enjoyed the movie. Yes its corney, but very cute. Noting that it was a musical which is right up my alley. (LOVE Barbra Streisand movies). I just watched HSM 2 for the first time 2 weeks ago and honestly could not believe that they scored again! IT is very cute. The funniest thing about this whole HSM genre is my son Matt. He has watched this movie as much or more than Kristin. He will stand up and sing and act out the dances to the songs. I have gone as far and listening to the HSM 2 cd everyday on my way home from work. My daughter has gone as far as telling me that HSM 3 is in the works and is to be out in October. I guess Matt and I will "drag" ourselves to the movies with her. (hehehe = drag).

Lastly, I am sending THANKS to Katie for posting about starting books and not being able to finish them. I had about 1/4 of The Choice by Nicholas Sparks to read and FINISHED it this past weekend. (I read at the fire, I read going to town to run errands, I read and read and read). Last night at 7:45pm, I finished it! I honestly teared up quite a bit. It was a beautiful book and can't believe it took me so long to read this one. Thanks again Katie, I feel complete!


Watts Up said...

You are so cute! I was cracking up reading about the bleach on the are definitely BRAVE woman! Although I have not watched HSM yet - you all are going to cause me to take the phunge!

Michael B said...

you're too sweet!

i'm so glad that you were able to break through the reader's block. i haven't yet, but i'm really getting into Anne Frank's Diary. i know it's like a 6th grade book, but i didn't read it in middle school! : )

you and your husband are an inspiration on all the WORK you do ALL weekend. seriously, you'd never know we've been in our house for over a year--it's pathetic!

glad you had a good weekend and that you weren't fried with the light socket + bleach!!

have a great week--