Friday, February 1, 2008

Ice Ice Baby!!!

The National Weather service warned us of sleet and freezing rain and sleet and freezing rain is what we got. However, its bark was much worse than its bite! The roads were great this morning however I did not take into consideration the parking lot at work. I merely got my purse, lunch bag (both on my left arm) and had an umbrella in my left hand and it was off to work as usual. I took 3 maybe 4 steps and down I went. YUP... fell in the damn parking lot. My left pants leg is soaked, scunned my knee and totally banged up my pride! On the flip side, I didn't get my purse wet, didn't tear my pants nor did I break anything. I sure hope this is NOT a sign for the day or weekend!

Oh, in case you were wondering, we are painting again this weekend. hehehe.

Update on MIL: My MIL is doing great and is coming home today. We won't know the severity until the tests come back but they did remove a breast and her lymph nodes. Thank you all for praying with us, we are truly blessed to have your support!

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Watts Up said...

Hey! I'm sorry tha tyou fell, but I couldn't help but laugh at your depiction of the event :) I hope you don't get sore! Thanks for the update on your MIL; what a relief...I will continue to keep ya'll in my thoughts. Take care & have a wonderful weekend! Smiles!