Monday, February 18, 2008

Great eats!

This past weekend we went to dinner in a nearby town called Hillsville. Some people that JD works with mentioned how much they enjoyed the food and atmosphere and I can honestly agree with them. This was one of the best meals I have ever had and it was not pricey at all. One of the things I loved is the "cooked to order".

Matt was super embarassed by me taking pictures. Honestly, embarassed by me? Is he new? I have also included a pic of Kristin as a friend of mine really wanted to see a close up of her. (Well Theresa, does she look the same?)

Sunday was an R & R day totally. After sleeping in until 9:00am, I cleaned the house then headed outside to do a little yard work. There was an 80% chance of rain all day so we didn't really plan on doing a whole lot outside or inside. The rain didn't start until around 9pm or so and boy did it rain! Poured is more like it!

JD and Matt watched the Daytona 500 while I watched re-runs of America's next top model. I really didn't watch the race because I would much rather be there than watch it on tv. I did however hear the entire race as they had the surround sound set to the "be at the race" setting. You know, the TOO DAMN LOUD setting; its the same!


Melis B said...

Man, kirsten looks so grown up. Tell her I said she looks beautiful!!

I love that Matt was embarrassed! :) Silly boy...

Michael B said...

you mean your kids let you sleep in??? do you think this will happen for me one day??? 9 am. Wow! Good for you!! i'm happy when i sleep in until 6am!!

And, to clean the whole house, how fun. (and, i do mean fun--i love a clean house!) we're expecting a "clipper" tonight!! fingers crossed.

Watts Up said...

LOL! I LOVE when you wrote "Is he new?" You had me cracking up in my little cubicle! Hysterical! I'd much rather be at the race too...I acutally fell asleep watching it on Sunday!