Friday, January 4, 2008

What a pair!

Here we are getting ready for the ORANGE BOWL! JD and I each bought each other VA Tech Orange Bowl shirts for Christmas. Isn't it ironic that we both bought each other the same shirt?
Since our well pressure module froze AGAIN, I didn't get my shower until Thursday night . . hence the wet hair. Thank goodness it is getting fixed tomorrow.
JD is NOT mad, just has a few brewskies in him.

Here is a little funny story: We put Stewarts Hokie jersey on last night for the game. Went to bed and out of nowhere, the dogs needed to go out at 2:00am. I got up and let them out but didn't go with them because it was TOO DAMN COLD!!! (Whenever we let them out by themselves, they go "exploring"). At 4:45am, we were woken by their dueling howls wanting to come in. Max shoves through the door first; no Stewart. I go to another door and in he runs just a shivering. However, something is missing; NO JERSEY! He came home naked! My theory: The other neighboring dogs laughed at him because VA Tech lost the Orange bowl and he took it off to stop the ridiculing. I don't know, just a thought. I guess I will be trying to retrace his steps to see if I can find his jersey. We spent good money on that shirt and he really should have been more careful with it! As Kristin puts it, he is getting time out.
Have a great weekend and don't forget the meteor showers tonight!!!

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Michael B said...

i saw the meteor showers early this morning!!!! how awesome!!!

so sorry about the vt game. (broke my heart.) i got fired up at the end of the third quarter when tech had that interception....

i'd love to go to another game next year!!

happy new year to you and your family,