Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What did we do on our Anniversary?

To some of you this will shock you and some it will not.

We stayed home for our 17 year Anniversary and steamed shrimp and crab legs.
Then, at 10:00pm, we settled in for the night for some good ole . . . . UFC 79 Pay-Per-View!!!
This has become one of my favorite sports. Me, kristin, matt and his friend Sam watched it until 2am. Where was JD you ask? In bed by 9pm. I fell asleep during the boring matches however, I woke up for the Chuck Liddell and Silva match then came the main event, George "RUSH" St. Pierre!

Love me some George RUSH St-Pierre!

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Melis B said...

This is perfect. I would never have been surprised with this event in the Sweet house. :) Happy Anniversary.

For someone to put up with you for 17 holy years is miracle in itself and JD should be considered for sainthood. :) Just you Sweet.