Monday, January 7, 2008

That weekend flew by!

Did I even have a weekend?

Saturday we had the new pressure tank installed! It is done and we shouldn't have any other days without water! Matt met friends at the club and played golf. Kristin and I went to Christiansburg to get my hair cut. Kristin wanted a pair of UGS boots so we were off to find them. We quickly nixed the boots as I was NOT paying $200.00 for an ugly pair of boots.

JD was finishing up the painting in the dining room and was going to start on the front entryway and the hallway on Sunday.

I watched for the first time Saturday night Bridge to Terabithia. What a movie! I absolutely loved it and managed to not get interrupted by the kids.

Sunday morning I didn't get up until 10:00am. This is so not like me. I am always up between 5 & 6 am. I was pretty upset with myself for not getting up sooner and was in a funk all day! JD finished up the painting he wanted to get done and I managed to do laundry all day. I also made a pot of Chili ~ just in the nick of time too! I think it will taste really good with the 70 degree weather we are getting today and tomorrow!

Is it too much to ask for a little snow during the winter months?

Have a great day!!!

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