Monday, January 28, 2008

Paint side to side Daniel son

We are still painting. I honestly don't think we will ever get done. I really wish I knew what kind of paint was on my bedroom walls before we painted. UGH... the previous paint was literally peeling off in sheets! Two coats and hours later my bedroom is finished but the bath is not. That is a whole another story. (it just occured to me that I was typing whole another story and as I am reading and typing, I wanted to type whole nother story as I couldn't figure out what word another/nother was nor how to spell it). The bath is getting an overhaul as well: new lights, mirror (removing dated medicine cabinet), paint and new rugs and towels. I don't know what it is about new bathroom stuff but I love it. My bedroom paint color is: La Fonda Wild West Green. To me it looks like an olive; I love it!

Saturday we spent the entire day running errands. I wound up having this stomach bug on Saturday afternoon that made running errands a longer process. Store - bathroom - another store - bathroom and so on and so on... JD wound up getting a touch of it Saturday night and Matt on Sunday. Luckily Kristin did not get it (so far).

We rewarded Kristin for making the honor roll and here is what she picked out: The Game Plan (movie), new mechanical pencils, Sims STUFF CD ROM (she has every SIMS known to man) and Pink and Silver gems to decorate her cell phone and Ipod.

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