Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lots to post!

Sunday and Monday JD and I spent it splitting and stacking wood. However, Monday evening I managed to sprain my ankle. I walked right into a hole and heard the lovely sound of pop! JD was on the four-wheeler and didn't see me fall. He then asks what I am doing on the ground and I just lay there. Feeling sick I just said, I fell, give me a minute. He then busts out laughing and comes over to help me up. He kept on laughing and I finally said, what is so damn funny? He thought I was "star gazing". I then busted out laughing too and said, well, I kind of was....

Tuesday we (well JD) started painting the house. We wanted to wait until after Christmas in order for us to have something to occupy our time during winter. One room down and 10 to go! I really hated not being able to help him since I love manual labor sooooo much!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday as much as we did and here's to 2008!!

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