Friday, January 18, 2008

Its a Snow Day!!!!

What a great day the Sweet Family had on Thursday. JD and I stayed home and made it a Snow Day. We got a little over 6 inches of snow (and sleet) and it looks like more is projected for Saturday. The kids and I played Simpsons Life and of course, I won. I finished with a little over $1,450,000. The kids (including JD) loved having snow to ride their four-wheelers. I stayed in my jammies all day and managed to just "relax" for a change. Here are some pics from our fun day . . ENJOY!!!


Jessica said...

Hi Thanks for posting on my blog :) Funny thing is, I've checked on your blog quite a few times as well! Small world eh? Hope things are going well for you and that you're enjoying this glorious snow!! Incidentally, I think you found me possibly through Melissa's blog, or maybe Michael B's... I read both and am friends with both! :)

The Sweet Family said...

You are correct. I used to work with MelisB at Lincoln.

Melis B said...

I love it..people are talking about me all over!! I am SO COOL!! Just like you in your Jeep!! hee

Hope that brought a smile to your face just now!!