Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Say a little prayer

We received news last night that my mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer.

If you could please say a prayer for the Sweet Family we would appreciate it as she is scheduled for surgery tomorrow.
Thank you!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

YAY kids!!! **update**

Today is report card day. I just got a text from Kristin telling me she made the A/B Honor Roll. (I know, I reported a while back that she made the Honor Roll but I made a mistake; progress reports).

Matt did not make the Honor Roll this time as he had 2 C's. I guess he can't make it every time.

I am so proud that my two kids are doing so well in school!
** update **
Matt did make the Honor Roll. Apparently two B's brings up a C; therefore, his two C's are now B's.
Whatever happened to the day when you made a C, D or F it stayed a C, D or F? Too many ifs, ands and buts!!!
If you have a C, one A brings it to a B.
If you have a C, two B's brings it to a B.
Using this theory roughly 20-25 years ago, I would have made the honor roll every grading period! I wonder if I could petition the school board office? ;o)

New Eats! ** UPDATE **


Thanks Amy for noting I had the wrong webpage for Fatz Cafe.

In the spirit of MelisB, I am posting a new restaurant that is coming to my neck of the woods.

Fatz (

Coming in March! I am anxious to see if the opening of a new restaurant her is like Winchester, you won't get in for months!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Paint side to side Daniel son

We are still painting. I honestly don't think we will ever get done. I really wish I knew what kind of paint was on my bedroom walls before we painted. UGH... the previous paint was literally peeling off in sheets! Two coats and hours later my bedroom is finished but the bath is not. That is a whole another story. (it just occured to me that I was typing whole another story and as I am reading and typing, I wanted to type whole nother story as I couldn't figure out what word another/nother was nor how to spell it). The bath is getting an overhaul as well: new lights, mirror (removing dated medicine cabinet), paint and new rugs and towels. I don't know what it is about new bathroom stuff but I love it. My bedroom paint color is: La Fonda Wild West Green. To me it looks like an olive; I love it!

Saturday we spent the entire day running errands. I wound up having this stomach bug on Saturday afternoon that made running errands a longer process. Store - bathroom - another store - bathroom and so on and so on... JD wound up getting a touch of it Saturday night and Matt on Sunday. Luckily Kristin did not get it (so far).

We rewarded Kristin for making the honor roll and here is what she picked out: The Game Plan (movie), new mechanical pencils, Sims STUFF CD ROM (she has every SIMS known to man) and Pink and Silver gems to decorate her cell phone and Ipod.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not alot going on . .

On Monday, Kristin had to have her bottom braces put back on. They also decided to realign her tops so they took everything off then all back on. UGH . . I felt so bad for her. What we parents do just so our kids will have literally a million dollar smile!

The spelling bee was on Tuesday and Kristin was out on her first word. I honestly cannot say her word; let alone spell it!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Its a Snow Day!!!!

What a great day the Sweet Family had on Thursday. JD and I stayed home and made it a Snow Day. We got a little over 6 inches of snow (and sleet) and it looks like more is projected for Saturday. The kids and I played Simpsons Life and of course, I won. I finished with a little over $1,450,000. The kids (including JD) loved having snow to ride their four-wheelers. I stayed in my jammies all day and managed to just "relax" for a change. Here are some pics from our fun day . . ENJOY!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yay for me!!!!!!!!!

2 yrs smoke free for me!!!!!

Winter Storm Advisory!!!!

It looks like my wish for some SNOW is in the forecast and coming tonight! I sure hope the meteorologists are right.

Matt "posing" for the camera. I actually made him as I don't have very many pictures of my "favorite" (hehehe). To the left of Matt you can see the New River! Beauty at its best!
Last night was American Idol. JD has renamed the show Charity Idol. I think he may have something there!?!. I have named it Psycho Idol. If I were a Psychiatrist and wanted to "drum up" business, I would go and stand in the lobby of the facility holding the auditions.

To Melissa B's husband Cary, Happy Birthday!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Danukus!

To the "coolest" nephew ever!
This is your year; celebrate!
Have a Happy Birthday!!!!!
We love and miss you very, very much!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Please rewind

I wish we could press the rewind button back to the Christmas Holiday. I really feel like it went way too fast and I would like a do over. I am truly missing the 3 day work weeks as well! Today I am one day past the holiday work week quota (and I am feeling it).

I hope everyone is having a great week! Not a whole lot going on with the Sweet Family.
Kristin did however win her class spelling bee so she will be competing in the school bee next Thursday and Friday.

I love that both of my children are good spellers!

Pet Peeve #2 - getting correspondence with misspelled words (schools, newspapers, etc...).

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My new do!

I need a nose job!

Monday, January 7, 2008

That weekend flew by!

Did I even have a weekend?

Saturday we had the new pressure tank installed! It is done and we shouldn't have any other days without water! Matt met friends at the club and played golf. Kristin and I went to Christiansburg to get my hair cut. Kristin wanted a pair of UGS boots so we were off to find them. We quickly nixed the boots as I was NOT paying $200.00 for an ugly pair of boots.

JD was finishing up the painting in the dining room and was going to start on the front entryway and the hallway on Sunday.

I watched for the first time Saturday night Bridge to Terabithia. What a movie! I absolutely loved it and managed to not get interrupted by the kids.

Sunday morning I didn't get up until 10:00am. This is so not like me. I am always up between 5 & 6 am. I was pretty upset with myself for not getting up sooner and was in a funk all day! JD finished up the painting he wanted to get done and I managed to do laundry all day. I also made a pot of Chili ~ just in the nick of time too! I think it will taste really good with the 70 degree weather we are getting today and tomorrow!

Is it too much to ask for a little snow during the winter months?

Have a great day!!!

I've been tagged!

Sorry for the delay as it was a BUSY weekend. I didn't check emails until Sunday evening during The Amazing Race.

Here are the rules: Link to the person that tagged you and post the
rules on your blog.
Share 5 random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.
orShare the 5 top places on your “want to see or want to see again” list.
orShare 5 things you never pictured being in your future when your were 25 years old.
Tag a minimum of 5, maximum of 10 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

I have decided to do the 5 things about me; here goes!

1. I LOVE eating with plastic utensils. (My son is even doing it now). Especially spoons!

2. Starting December 1 (every year) I will wear a pair of Christmas socks EVERY SINGLE DAY until December 31.

3. I am addicted to Ghosts. I would love to spend time in a confirmed haunted house. I would love the "afterlife" to use me as their medium!

4. I have a HUGE crush on Donald Trump.

5. When I walk to a store, into work, etc... I constantly count how many steps it takes to get there. Weird thing of it, I have no clue how many it takes? YIKES... OCD?

I wish I could leave a tag on someone but I really don't have many I know that blog!

MelisB, are you surprised?

Friday, January 4, 2008

My new best friend

The Scunci Hair Turban. I just got this and cannot believe I didn't get it before now. This is the BEST invention ever.

If you don't have one, get one. Approx. $6.99 at Wal-mart.

They also sell one called Turbie Twist (comes in different colors) but I can't seem to find it.

What a pair!

Here we are getting ready for the ORANGE BOWL! JD and I each bought each other VA Tech Orange Bowl shirts for Christmas. Isn't it ironic that we both bought each other the same shirt?
Since our well pressure module froze AGAIN, I didn't get my shower until Thursday night . . hence the wet hair. Thank goodness it is getting fixed tomorrow.
JD is NOT mad, just has a few brewskies in him.

Here is a little funny story: We put Stewarts Hokie jersey on last night for the game. Went to bed and out of nowhere, the dogs needed to go out at 2:00am. I got up and let them out but didn't go with them because it was TOO DAMN COLD!!! (Whenever we let them out by themselves, they go "exploring"). At 4:45am, we were woken by their dueling howls wanting to come in. Max shoves through the door first; no Stewart. I go to another door and in he runs just a shivering. However, something is missing; NO JERSEY! He came home naked! My theory: The other neighboring dogs laughed at him because VA Tech lost the Orange bowl and he took it off to stop the ridiculing. I don't know, just a thought. I guess I will be trying to retrace his steps to see if I can find his jersey. We spent good money on that shirt and he really should have been more careful with it! As Kristin puts it, he is getting time out.
Have a great weekend and don't forget the meteor showers tonight!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

January 1, 2008 - - Happy Birthday . . .

Happy 13th Birthday Kelby Larissa Jackson

My special little niece is now a teenager. How can that be?

Steve and Janet: Wasn't she just born?

I am sorry I missed your special day Kelby but I will be putting something in the mail to you. I miss you girlie!

We love you much!!!!!

Uncle JD & Aunt Amy
Matt, Kris, Max, Stewart and Snuggles

Lots to post!

Sunday and Monday JD and I spent it splitting and stacking wood. However, Monday evening I managed to sprain my ankle. I walked right into a hole and heard the lovely sound of pop! JD was on the four-wheeler and didn't see me fall. He then asks what I am doing on the ground and I just lay there. Feeling sick I just said, I fell, give me a minute. He then busts out laughing and comes over to help me up. He kept on laughing and I finally said, what is so damn funny? He thought I was "star gazing". I then busted out laughing too and said, well, I kind of was....

Tuesday we (well JD) started painting the house. We wanted to wait until after Christmas in order for us to have something to occupy our time during winter. One room down and 10 to go! I really hated not being able to help him since I love manual labor sooooo much!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday as much as we did and here's to 2008!!

What did we do on our Anniversary?

To some of you this will shock you and some it will not.

We stayed home for our 17 year Anniversary and steamed shrimp and crab legs.
Then, at 10:00pm, we settled in for the night for some good ole . . . . UFC 79 Pay-Per-View!!!
This has become one of my favorite sports. Me, kristin, matt and his friend Sam watched it until 2am. Where was JD you ask? In bed by 9pm. I fell asleep during the boring matches however, I woke up for the Chuck Liddell and Silva match then came the main event, George "RUSH" St. Pierre!

Love me some George RUSH St-Pierre!


Here are a few pictures from Christmas. Unfortunately when I was "messing" with my new camera and trying to save the pics on the old camera, I accidentally erased them! UGH!!! It was soooo many pics that I can't recover. Such a pain. However, here are a couple (and I mean a couple).

Kristin playing the WII. High School musical singing. . .
Matt's daily famous words, "I'll pay you to stop singing"!

Here is a pic of the "after christmas" effect! I actually left it like this for 24 hours. I was so proud of myself.

Matt playing Tiger Woods golf!

Stewart is enjoying one of his gifts as well!

December 28; everything put back to normal. Thank goodness for depression meds.

Mother and daughter testing out the timer on my new camera! YEP, it works!

JD, Stewart and Max.

Testing the zoom! HEHEHE

Welcome 2008!!!

Happy New Year!!!