Monday, December 3, 2007

A great weekend!!!

This past weekend was by far one of the best weekends ever! Virginia Tech beat BC and captured the ACC Championship and are going to the ORANGE BOWL!!!! It was also a good weekend because WVU LOST. My son loves WVU and I woke him up at 6am on Sunday morning to consistently "rub it in" that WVU lost. They are however going to the Fiesta Bowl . . whooppee!

The kids and I baked cookies. Well, Kristin and I started making Gingerbread men and about halfway through, she quit. Matt then decides he wants to help. He helped finish the Gingerbread cookies and helped me start with the sugar cookies; then he decides to quit. I managed to finish them myself. However, they both were ready to pose when I wanted to take pictures . . go figure! I know I baked 10-12 dozen. Too fun! I also made 2 batches of Chex Mix! It is yummy too!

JD and I split wood since some bad weather is on its way to the NRV! As soon as we got outside, it started to rain. Amazing since we haven't had rain in months! Actually it just sprinkled, however, last night about 11:00 it POURED! I watched Amazing Race then finished the night with the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, Pictures of Hollis Woods. What a wonderful movie!

Here is Kristin posing with Stewart and Max. They love Christmas as much as I do! I was hoping you would be able to see their Holiday bling as they both have on their Christmas collars. (Red with green ribbons and green bells).


Tammie and George hoch said...

Hey its Tammie and George Hoch. We saw on your "Important Dates" section that your comming up to Winchester. We wanted to know if you all wanted to come over and hang out? We'd like to see you. Let us know, give us a call!

Michael B said...

the orange bowl!! how fun!!

yay, hokies!! : )

i love to bake at Christmas time, too!!

Melis B said...

You are hysterical!!

Miss you...Melis