Friday, December 21, 2007

More Stewart pics

Kristin was at it again with Stewart last night. She treats him like he is her child. Between putting clothes on him, wrapping him like a baby or trying to put a baby diaper on him its pathetic. Do I feel sorry for the dog? At times he looks at me like he is begging me to break him free from her reign. Then there are the other times when he is jumping up into her arms for continuous care.

These pics are Stewart ready for the Hokies at the Orange bowl! (Hokie Jersey, Hokie stadium seat and Hokie bird looking over his head)

Stewart all tuckered out from his photo shoot.

He is just too cute for words!

Here are JD and Matt playing Tiger Woods Golf on Matts' Xbox 360 that he finally got back. Due to the "3 rings of death", it has been back and forth to repair for 6 weeks. I am SOOOOOOOOO glad it is fixed.

Messy room . . ugh!!!

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