Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I survived

Our trip to Winchester was great. We didn't get to visit with everyone again however, we did manage to add a few more to the list! The dogs were very well behaved for the trip up and back. However, the children were a different story. The entire trip up on Sunday was very rainy. Traffic was light and uneventful.

Once we arrived in Winchester, we dropped our dogs off with the in-laws then checked into the hotel; which so graciously let us check in early. We then ventured to Walmart (pleasant valley). WHOA they went and changed everything around and we were soooooooo lost. After getting a few "last minute" items, we headed to JD's sister's house. We had a fabulous visit and really enjoyed the adult conversation.

We have only been gone since March but by the looks of everyone, it appears longer? Winchester has changed incredibly! Lots of new restaurants, businesses and of course road work. I guess I thought everything would just remain the same? Silly me...

We went to my mom's for dinner, played thieves christmas then opened gifts. It is a great time that we all enjoy. After dessert, we had to go since my mom had to work Christmas Eve and we had to get up early for breakfast at the Sweets.

We got back to the hotel and the boys watched the Redskins. I however, fell asleep. I must have been tired because I never sleep well away from home. Wouldn't you know JD and I woke up at 4:30am. UGH. We had to get Kristin some meds as she wasn't feeling very well.

We arrive at the Sweets' and the dogs went nuts. They were so glad to see us! I think we missed them as much, if not more than they missed us. After breakfast, gifts and visiting, it was time to get on the road. We hated to leave after only a couple hours but we were all ready to get HOME!!!

I must confess, I enjoyed the visit but I was glad it was only a visit!

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