Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Clipper that wasn't!

Well, we didn't get any snow! Okay, we got a dusting that blew away. Don't you love the new name they have for these "fast moving" storms? Its a Clipper! I have managed to hang on to this headache for the 4th day in a row now. I hope it goes away soon! I hate headaches!!!! I'm glad to see Winchester got snow, however, my friend Alana was in a horrific car wreck that totalled her vehicle and left her quite banged up. Take it easy girlie and get well soon!

On another note, if anyone has any suggestions on what to get a Mom that has absolutely everything and duplicates of the everything in the closet, please help! Gift cards just aren't going to cut it! I got her one card but it feels like I didn't put any thought into it; even though I did.

Congrats Kristin on making the Honor Roll for the first time in your life!!! You worked very hard and it really paid off! Congrats Matt on making the Honor Roll as well! You didn't work hard, hehehe. (must be nice).

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