Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas '07

Christmas came and went but we all enjoyed it so much!

The kids got everything they wanted and then some! I will post pics later.

Kristin's tops were her laptop, Zach Efron goodies, games and her purse. She just about cried when she opened her laptop. That was the only thing she really wanted and kept hounding us for.

Matt's tops were his "everything" Calloway! We surprised him with the new irons he wanted as well as the Calloway hat and warbirds balls. He also got his electric green Ogio bag. (Funny thing about the "electric green", JD and I kept asking him what it did. And he would look at us weird. Then I finally said, why is the bag electric? (as JD nods and questions with me). Matt then busts out laughing and says that the color is "electric green". Boy do I feel old!!!).

JD got a new buggy to race. (R/C cars). I also got him 2 VA Tech shirts, a VT boggin and a deer processing tool kit.

I got a new purse, bracelet, tennis shoes, croc mammoth's, a CD and a snowman snowglobe.

It was a fantastic year and I can't wait for you to see the pics.

I hope Santa was as good to you as he was to us!

Up next, our Wedding Anniversary! I will post how we celebrated it next week!


Melis B said...

Merry Christmas!! It was great to see you on Monday. Glad to hear you had a great Xmas. :)

Talk to you soon,

Melis B said...

Happy New Year!!