Monday, December 10, 2007

70+ degrees...

Today's temperature . . . . warm! I just ran out at lunch (12:30) and it is 70 degrees. This weather is so stupid. I want COLD temps for the holidays. After the first of the year, I could care less!!!

JD and I spent lots of time walking through the woods. We collected pine cones, greenery and red berries for baskets in the house. They look so festive and didn't even cost us anything! Gotta love those decorations.
We also "scouted" out the raspberry bushes for next spring. JD was so nice to cut pathes in the woods so I can get to them better! AWWWW

1 comment:

Michael B said...

good grief! 70 degrees? that's warm!!

that's awesome that you have raspberry bushes in your back yard!! just thinking about raspberries make my mouth water!! : )

have a great week.