Monday, November 19, 2007

What a weekend!!!

The Sweet Family went to the last Virginia Tech home game versus the Miami Hurricanes on Saturday. It was FANTASTIC. Here is a picture of JD' s truck before we began eating
Here are the kids after eating lunch; . . . well, Kristin really never stops eating!

After eating, we headed for Lane Stadium! JD got a smoked Turkey leg. He managed to "woof" it down before any of us could try it nor could I get a pic of him looking like the "caveman" that he is! hehehe (we have been told it tastes like ham but the kids and I won't know until next season). It was very cold but we were lucky the wind died down)
Here is Kristin all Hokie'd out...

The Hokies beat the Miami Hurricanes: 44 - 14 ! ! ! ! GO HOKIES ! ! ! !

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