Monday, November 26, 2007

Weekend Update

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Our trip was VERY fast and we didn't get time to really visit anyone. We ate, played catch-up then we got on the road for home.

We will be staying longer for the Christmas holiday. Therefore, I WILL be making time for visits.

Well, Kristin got her contacts on Saturday. She was so excited. She has an astigmatism like her dad so she had to get the "EXPENSIVE" contacts. WOO HOO... She did really good getting them in. Here she is after putting both eyes in. We went home and she did GREAT all weekend. Until this morning. . . she yells that she can't find one. I go and look and sure enough, its in there. However, when she put it in the case Sunday night, she didn't make sure it was completely in and when she put the lid on the case, she cut it in half when the lid was screwed on. UGH!!!! Thank goodness these were a trial pair. Now she has to wait again until they come in. It was very traumatic this morning!!!

Here is a pic of JD and Matt (Saturday) getting ready to go out to their tree stands. They love their mad bombers and needed them as it was FREEZING cold on Saturday. We never saw temps above 32 degrees. (I call them dumb and dumberer) . Dorks!

Kristin and I baked JD's favorite cookies - Gingersnaps then I made another batch of peanut brittle. I will be making another cookie favorite of JD's tonight; Gingerbread.

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