Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Update

This past Saturday was the First day of Muzzleloader Season for Deer Hunting. JD and Matt got up at 5:30am, got all camo'd out and headed to their tree stands for the hunt. This is a dream come true for JD and Matt as before, they would have to drive to their prospective hunting site. Now, they just roll out of bed, dress and head into the woods on our land! Matt was ecstatic because this is his first year to hunt on his own. (JD is however close by).

Only 30 minutes after Matt gets into his tree stand, POW. He got the first deer of the season. This is only Matt's second deer ever!! Doesn't he look excited?
To Alana:
I ate a steak last night and it was so good!!! Have you had a deer steak yet this season? Also, Jerky is going on the dehydrator at 4:00pm this afternoon!!! Don't you wish you were here to smell it! I'll think of you when I eat the first piece!
Love, Matt.
Sunday was outside catch up day. I didn't realize how much we had to do until we started. We dug up bulbs, put Halloween deco's away, put the hardtop on the Jeep, closed the pond and lit the woodstove! (finally some real heat). Just in time too, its 70+ degrees here now. The house should be good and hot when we get home from work today!
Monday: Matt had another dr. appointment today and he was madder than a wet hornet as he had to have blood drawn again. I tried to simmer him by explaining that with Diabetes this is an ongoing process, however, he didn't have any parts of it! His doctor is trying to get his medication moderated but Matt is not cooperating at all! Therefore, anyone with young children, it doesn't get better with age! A needle is a needle . . enough said!
Everyone have a great week!
---> 8 more days until the Sweets' land in Winchester!!! We hope to see as many of you as physically possible; we promise!!!

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Melis B said...

Ewww...GROSS!! This city girls thinks that's gross!! Tell Matt to smile though~ he shot a freakin' deer.

:) melis