Monday, November 5, 2007

Weekend re-cap

This past weekend didn't start off very well. Kristin has been having problems with a girl on the bus picking on her. She has done VERY well to contain herself (for about a month) but it blew! Kristin told this girl to stop running her mouth and the girl (Whitney-I hate this name anyway! ) said why, you can't do anything about it. Kristin then told her she would smack her in the mouth if she didn't stop. Whitney then said and I quote, "bring it on". Well, to say the least, Kristin brought it and served it up for her. Apparently Kristin threw quite a few punches at her then Whitney sat down and shut up. I guess Kristin surprised her. Kristin told the admin's. at school, I took all I was going to take. This brings me to Friday; Kristin got two days of after school detention that will require me to go and pick her up! UGH!!!
JD had to work Saturday and Sunday so it was me and the kids again. It was off to Christiansburg. We LOVE it there. (It reminds me a lot of Winchester, ONLY not nearly as much traffic). The kids and I needed to get haircuts! YES, I said haircut. I had to "bite the bullet" and get my hair done. I found a girl that I really liked. She listened and did my hair exactly the way I wanted it! I even had it colored and it is perfect!!! Score one for me!!!

Sunday we went back to Christiansburg because we ran out of time and I didn't get to go to the new "strip mall" that just opened. Pet Smart, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, Old Navy and Shoe Carnival. We really enjoyed Best Buy. (I have never been in one). It is basically a Circuit City. When we went into B,B and B, Matt kept sayingthat he wanted me to buy a universal remote so he could fast forward time! (Adam Sandlers' movie Click). It was a neat store and it is basically a Linens' and things (Which we don't have). We went to Dick's Sporting to get Matt's hunting clothes then went to lunch to Red Robin. (Love me some Red Robin!!!). Christiansburg also is the closest place to us that has a Chik-fil-A. BAD NOTE: There is NO Chili's anywhere down here......sniff, sniff, tear!
We were also happy to see the Redskins pull off another win!!! The evening wound down to Amazing Race 12! I think it is going to be a great season. Too early to tell. I was way surprised in the Doodlebops though! They are very good together. Well see. (I am sorry to say this and I know I will pay for it, but when the grandfather fell down, I fell out! All I could think of is the catch phrase, i've fallen and I can't get up)!
Everyone have a great week!!!

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