Monday, October 29, 2007

What a weekend. . .

Where do I start with this one! Matt, Kristin and I went to see Saw IV on Saturday. The "in-laws" came down for the weekend. "nuf" said on that.

Sunday we cut wood and had a pretty good day. This is of course, before we saw the final score of the Redskins game!

I also baked Kristin's birthday cake yesterday. As per her request: Chocolate cake w/chocolate icing. We went ahead and celebrated her b'day yesterday. I will post pics tomorrow; as usual, I forgot my usb cable. JD and I got Kristin for her b'day - Clinique make-up and skin care set, a baby alive, NEW Hannah Montana DS game and a new coat. Matt got her SIMS - Bon Voyage.

This morning we woke up to a very heavy frost. It looked like snow! I put the kids on the bus at 7:25am and it was 25 degrees......brrrrr...... this temp is sure to put frost on those pumpkins!!!

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Melis B said...

I remember when I got my first Clinique set. I think every young girl need to start there. :) I love it!!

Tell her I said Happy Bday!!