Monday, October 22, 2007

Subway 500, Martinsville, VA

What a day!! The Sweet Family went to Martinsville, Virginia for the Subway 500! We left our house at 5:45am and went through some interesting towns along the way; Vesta, VA, Stuart, VA, Meadows of Dan, VA just to name a few. At 7:15am, we were at the racetrack. It was unbelievable how many people were already there!!! We get our tickets then head to the Bud Zone Fan Tent. Upon entering the tent, we were each handed a bag of "goodies". Kristin is sporting the "Budweiser" beads that were worn by all! We were also given a program, beer tickets and some other interesting memorabilia! Matt got excited when he saw 4 beer tickets in his "goodie" bag but dad was quick to explain that everyone has them in their bags but it doesn't mean he can get a drink! (translation = JD had 16 beer tickets). We went on a track tram tour which was fun. We saw pit row, the garage and we also got to see where our seats were.

We got a quick bite to eat at the Continental breakfast then it was off to the vendors! (this is sorta like Apple Blossom for Nascar). There are giveaways everywhere. Kristin and I went to the
Crocs tent. We registered to win a free pair then Kristin spun the wheel to try to win a pair. She won a key chain and upon leaving the race, we bought her a pair of bright green crocs.

We also went and watched a little of the "live" edition of ESPN Sport Zone. We were possibly on TV as they would scan the audience frequently. After the Sports Zone, we ventured off to the Sprint/Nextel area as Matt and JD wanted to ride in a simulator. The lines were so long that we decided to nix the simulator and head back to the tent. I did however, get a picture of JD and Matt with Dale, Jr. Kristin wouldn't do it because it was "stupid" to get your picture with a cardboard Dale, Jr!

Knowing that Dale, Jr. was making an appearance at the tent between 10:15a - 11:00a, we headed back. I was so close - 10-15 feet max! He wasn't dressed up. He was wearing blue jeans, a white (probably Hanes) t-shirt with a button down shirt and a BUD hat. As I get ready to take his picture, my camera says, MEMORY FULL. What! is this a joke! Are you kidding, memory full. I erased some pictures so I can get a few of Jr. (I thought I put in the memory card for our weekend!). I tried again, no good.

During the interview, Dale, Jr. was given an official JMU dukes football helmet and a WVU football helmet. He was also given an official Redskins football jersey with his new team number 88 on it. Earnhardt was on the back as if he were going to "suit-up" for the next game. If you couldn't already tell, Dale, Jr. is a Redskin fan! WHOOO HOOOO. The interview is over and Dale, Jr. leaves. I could not believe I didn't get a pic of him. So close and my camera malfunctions! geez... For some strange reason, I opened up to look at the card to see why it didn't work (like that really matters) and would you believe it, I didn't put the card in! UUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!! Way to go mom is all I heard.

Its time for lunch and we venture up for our meal. The meal consisted of: Grilled chicken breast or Pulled Pork sandwiches, baked beans, mac and cheese, cole slaw, potato salad and peach cobbler. The meal was great and we all enjoyed it!

Its off to the track! Check back tomorrow for some race pictures and race fan highlights! (I forgot my phone cord to download). There are some really cool shots of the family, surrounding fans and some movie footage I hope will download for you all to see the fun we had.

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Melis B said...

You are hysterical!! I can't wait to see more pictures. :)