Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Subway 500, Martinsville, VA . . . cont'd

Here we are waiting to pick up our tickets. It was about 44 degrees. Doesn't everyone look excited about me taking their pictures?

JD and Kristin waiting for the race to begin.

This gives you an idea of how close we were!

Thank goodness for the invention of ear plugs.... ;o)

Besides Dale, Jr., I also enjoyed watching Reed Sorenson, #41, as his Red Bull car became PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Gotta love a man that will drive a pink car!!!

Probably another wreck leading to another caution!

I honestly could not feel good about myself and this past weekend if I didn't add Drunk 1 (red hat) and Drunk 2 (white hat) to the Sweet Family page. These two staggered into their seats at the beginning of the driver introductions. They were hanging on the fence, jumping around and acting like complete idiots. There were even times when they would "assume the position" against the fence. I told Matt, that is probably the way their night will end. They were funny at times.

When the announcer asked all men to remove their hats for the National Anthem. Drunk 2 takes off his hat; Drunk 1 turns his hat backwards. While the National Anthem is being sung by members of the National Guard, Drunk 1 decides to salute with his left hand. He is saluting with his left hand and he begins to turn around looking at people while his hand is still was so hard not to laugh when everyone around us was laughing. The Anthem is over and we are waiting for the Grand Marshall Jared (Subway helped him lose weight) start the race. Matt says, "why is the back of Drunk 1's shirt wet?". Not only is his shirt wet, he has a busted up elbow and blood all over his shirt. My guess, he fell down. This idiot was so drunk that he was smoking an unlit cigarette for about 5 minutes. As he tries to sit down, he totally misses the bench and falls down. Everyone around us is laughing again!!! I ask JD "why we are always near these people"? Drunk 2 bends over to pick something up and Matt and I notice that his belt is undone; however, it is still through the belt loops. We also realize that crack kills!

Jared stars the race!!!! Drunk 1 starts walking away like he is going to go get food. We never saw Drunk 1 again. He never came back to his seat. However, we were still stuck with Drunk 2. Sometime during the race, we notice that he has removed his belt and it is under his seat. He drank all of the beer in his cooler and is now getting the beers from Drunk 1's cooler. This guy really was wasted! About midway through the race, Drunk 2 gets up like he is going for food. Matt starts laughing and says I wonder if he will be back . . . . . Yep, he came back. He went for food. He got two sandwiches (I think they were fried bologna - not sure though). Apparently these sandwiches came with onions and he doesn't like onions. We know this because he took them off and threw them under his seat as well. OK, we have beer cans, a belt and lots onions from his sandwiches under his seat. He was soooo gross. At one point, he starts hand gesturing Jeff Gordon. It was just too funny. Matt would just get tickled at this idiot. I would have thought that living with me and JD would have gotten him ready for this type of atmosphere....apparently not!

Both kids are still saying, I wonder where that guy went. My guess, somewhere to pass out!

After the race was over, we knew that traffic was going to be terrible so we brought our grill and fixed burgers, hot dogs and kielbasa's and ate dinner talegate style!!! After we ate and cleaned up, traffic had subsided enough to go home.

We had a blast and I wish I could do it all over again. Maybe this time I would be able to get Dale, Jr.'s picture.

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Melis B said...

LOVE IT~~it would be that great w/o the drunk 1 and 2 story. I wish I could have heard live in person. I can only imagine...

;) melis