Wednesday, October 24, 2007


OK, it is raining it's clouds off today. YIPPEE! I know we need it however . . .

I don't have an umbrella in the car because frankly, we haven't needed one; it hasn't rained for about 4 months. I forgot my lunch this morning so I ventured out to McDonalds for a sandwich. I have a Monopoly piece for a free medium french fry so I will get to eat lunch for about $2+ dollars. Cheap huh!!! Real cheap. I walk back to work, through the pouring rain, the puddles, the wind is blowing and I am soaked! I get 15 feet from my office and the bottom of my bag drops out. Everything on the floor, ugh!!!! To make matters worse, my sandwich completely falls out of the wrapper onto the floor as well. I guess thats what I get for forgetting an umbrella (on a 30% chance of rain) and forgetting my lunch!

Is it Friday yet?

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