Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Not again . .

OK, the Sweet Family is having a string of bad luck again! Just when we thought we had gotten our heads above water from the summer (the A/C compressor went out in our heat pump and costed us a pretty penny to fix), winter comes. YEP, it was 27 degrees this morning again and our heat pump is not working. We have no heat. We haven't hooked up the woodstove yet (waiting on State Farm), we haven't ignited the monitor (a heating unit that everyone in Southwest VA relies on) because the kerosene is at a golden price of $2.89/gallon. However, we did ignite our gas fireplace last night and that was nice.

Not to mention, that cute little cake that JD decorated for Kristin, she managed to drop it on the floor last night and then proceeded to smear frosting all over my kitchen floor. I spent 45 minutes cleaning it all up. Thus including the many smears of frosting all over the paper towel holder, trash can lid, faucet, the list goes on! UGH....give me a break.

I sure hope this will be all for a while because I am SICK and TIRED of it!!!

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