Monday, October 1, 2007

Mrs. Zach Efron?

My little girl is now signing her name as Mrs. Zach Efron, Mrs. Kristin Efron, etc... OMG, it is starting! I was picking up some things in her room and could not stop laughing when I saw a notebook on her dresser that said, "DO NOT READ". Hello, has she forgotten who her mother is; YUP, the nosiest person in the world! Upon opening "this notebook" I know I laughed until tears were a flowin', she had written in cursive, Mrs. Zach Efron, Kristin Efron, Mrs. Efron, etc... She also has Zach Efron pictures everywhere in her room; including a Zach collage! (look to the right of her, its Zach in a wife beater. . .hehehe)

I heard Matt and Kristin fighting a couple days ago and it was getting pretty ugly so I decided to see what was going on this time. As I got close to Kristin's room, I heard Matt say, "Hey Mrs. Efron, your class is too noisy!" I of course heard her say shut up and some other not so nice expletives; however, I never heard her say, don't call me Mrs. Efron! hmmmm?

Every day I have to hear talk about Zach Efron. The really funny part is she will say, "Mom he is so nice, I bet he really takes care of Vanessa". He really loves her and would never cheat on her. (Boy is she living in a fantasy world).

I also found out that Matt has been saying that Zach Efron is gay on the bus! One girl on the bus hit Matt in the head because he kept saying it. I presume she is Mrs. Zach Efron as well! hehehehehe

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Melis B said...

You are hysterical!! I am so glad you started this!! I can't wait to keep up with the Sweet Familiy!!

Tell Mrs. Efrom I said hi! :)