Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy 12th Birthday Kristin!

On this day, 12 years ago at 1:14am, I gave birth to a 7lb. 12 oz. baby girl. She had light brown hair, blue eyes and very long fingers. We named her Kristin Lizabeth. (My mother kept saying she was going to be the infamous piano player/safe cracker with her long fingers; I'm going with safe cracker at this point).

My grandfather, who has since passed away, would call her "Legs Liz". (He passed when Kristin was only 10 1/2 months). If he could only see her now; she certainly is all legs and feet!

It is hard to believe my "baby" is almost a teenager. Her dad and I are so proud of her accomplishments in school. She almost made the honor roll for the first time in her life and really did put forth all of her effort to do so. She is working so hard. She actually told me that she may even go to college. This is a long step from working at Victoria Secret!

Some of Kristin's favorite things to do are: Play with Stewart and Snuggles, watch ZACH EFRON on High School Musical 1 & 2. She also LOVES Hannah Montana everything and she also loves to play her SIMS games and ride her four-wheeler.

Happy 12th Kristin!!!

Not again . .

OK, the Sweet Family is having a string of bad luck again! Just when we thought we had gotten our heads above water from the summer (the A/C compressor went out in our heat pump and costed us a pretty penny to fix), winter comes. YEP, it was 27 degrees this morning again and our heat pump is not working. We have no heat. We haven't hooked up the woodstove yet (waiting on State Farm), we haven't ignited the monitor (a heating unit that everyone in Southwest VA relies on) because the kerosene is at a golden price of $2.89/gallon. However, we did ignite our gas fireplace last night and that was nice.

Not to mention, that cute little cake that JD decorated for Kristin, she managed to drop it on the floor last night and then proceeded to smear frosting all over my kitchen floor. I spent 45 minutes cleaning it all up. Thus including the many smears of frosting all over the paper towel holder, trash can lid, faucet, the list goes on! UGH....give me a break.

I sure hope this will be all for a while because I am SICK and TIRED of it!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

What a weekend. . .

Where do I start with this one! Matt, Kristin and I went to see Saw IV on Saturday. The "in-laws" came down for the weekend. "nuf" said on that.

Sunday we cut wood and had a pretty good day. This is of course, before we saw the final score of the Redskins game!

I also baked Kristin's birthday cake yesterday. As per her request: Chocolate cake w/chocolate icing. We went ahead and celebrated her b'day yesterday. I will post pics tomorrow; as usual, I forgot my usb cable. JD and I got Kristin for her b'day - Clinique make-up and skin care set, a baby alive, NEW Hannah Montana DS game and a new coat. Matt got her SIMS - Bon Voyage.

This morning we woke up to a very heavy frost. It looked like snow! I put the kids on the bus at 7:25am and it was 25 degrees......brrrrr...... this temp is sure to put frost on those pumpkins!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Amazing Race 12

November 4, 2007 . . Amazing Race 12!!! WOOOO HOOOO finally something to watch on Sunday night.
(or is it called the Great American race? hehehe)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


OK, it is raining it's clouds off today. YIPPEE! I know we need it however . . .

I don't have an umbrella in the car because frankly, we haven't needed one; it hasn't rained for about 4 months. I forgot my lunch this morning so I ventured out to McDonalds for a sandwich. I have a Monopoly piece for a free medium french fry so I will get to eat lunch for about $2+ dollars. Cheap huh!!! Real cheap. I walk back to work, through the pouring rain, the puddles, the wind is blowing and I am soaked! I get 15 feet from my office and the bottom of my bag drops out. Everything on the floor, ugh!!!! To make matters worse, my sandwich completely falls out of the wrapper onto the floor as well. I guess thats what I get for forgetting an umbrella (on a 30% chance of rain) and forgetting my lunch!

Is it Friday yet?

Subway 500, Martinsville, VA . . . cont'd

Here we are waiting to pick up our tickets. It was about 44 degrees. Doesn't everyone look excited about me taking their pictures?

JD and Kristin waiting for the race to begin.

This gives you an idea of how close we were!

Thank goodness for the invention of ear plugs.... ;o)

Besides Dale, Jr., I also enjoyed watching Reed Sorenson, #41, as his Red Bull car became PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness month!

Gotta love a man that will drive a pink car!!!

Probably another wreck leading to another caution!

I honestly could not feel good about myself and this past weekend if I didn't add Drunk 1 (red hat) and Drunk 2 (white hat) to the Sweet Family page. These two staggered into their seats at the beginning of the driver introductions. They were hanging on the fence, jumping around and acting like complete idiots. There were even times when they would "assume the position" against the fence. I told Matt, that is probably the way their night will end. They were funny at times.

When the announcer asked all men to remove their hats for the National Anthem. Drunk 2 takes off his hat; Drunk 1 turns his hat backwards. While the National Anthem is being sung by members of the National Guard, Drunk 1 decides to salute with his left hand. He is saluting with his left hand and he begins to turn around looking at people while his hand is still saluting.....it was so hard not to laugh when everyone around us was laughing. The Anthem is over and we are waiting for the Grand Marshall Jared (Subway helped him lose weight) start the race. Matt says, "why is the back of Drunk 1's shirt wet?". Not only is his shirt wet, he has a busted up elbow and blood all over his shirt. My guess, he fell down. This idiot was so drunk that he was smoking an unlit cigarette for about 5 minutes. As he tries to sit down, he totally misses the bench and falls down. Everyone around us is laughing again!!! I ask JD "why we are always near these people"? Drunk 2 bends over to pick something up and Matt and I notice that his belt is undone; however, it is still through the belt loops. We also realize that crack kills!

Jared stars the race!!!! Drunk 1 starts walking away like he is going to go get food. We never saw Drunk 1 again. He never came back to his seat. However, we were still stuck with Drunk 2. Sometime during the race, we notice that he has removed his belt and it is under his seat. He drank all of the beer in his cooler and is now getting the beers from Drunk 1's cooler. This guy really was wasted! About midway through the race, Drunk 2 gets up like he is going for food. Matt starts laughing and says I wonder if he will be back . . . . . Yep, he came back. He went for food. He got two sandwiches (I think they were fried bologna - not sure though). Apparently these sandwiches came with onions and he doesn't like onions. We know this because he took them off and threw them under his seat as well. OK, we have beer cans, a belt and lots onions from his sandwiches under his seat. He was soooo gross. At one point, he starts hand gesturing Jeff Gordon. It was just too funny. Matt would just get tickled at this idiot. I would have thought that living with me and JD would have gotten him ready for this type of atmosphere....apparently not!

Both kids are still saying, I wonder where that guy went. My guess, somewhere to pass out!

After the race was over, we knew that traffic was going to be terrible so we brought our grill and fixed burgers, hot dogs and kielbasa's and ate dinner talegate style!!! After we ate and cleaned up, traffic had subsided enough to go home.

We had a blast and I wish I could do it all over again. Maybe this time I would be able to get Dale, Jr.'s picture.

Makes a mother proud!

Now isn't this a picture worth a thousand words. I knew I could get him to like a "real" team. Matt will always be a WVU fan; but doesn't he look good in the Maroon and Burnt Orange?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our little Stewart

This is our Jack Russell Terrier that loves to wear clothes. If he has clothes on and you try to take them off, he will bite you! We found all of his clothes from last winter and this is the ONLY one that fits. (Stewart has gained 4 lbs. since we moved here). Isn't he cute!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Subway 500, Martinsville, VA

What a day!! The Sweet Family went to Martinsville, Virginia for the Subway 500! We left our house at 5:45am and went through some interesting towns along the way; Vesta, VA, Stuart, VA, Meadows of Dan, VA just to name a few. At 7:15am, we were at the racetrack. It was unbelievable how many people were already there!!! We get our tickets then head to the Bud Zone Fan Tent. Upon entering the tent, we were each handed a bag of "goodies". Kristin is sporting the "Budweiser" beads that were worn by all! We were also given a program, beer tickets and some other interesting memorabilia! Matt got excited when he saw 4 beer tickets in his "goodie" bag but dad was quick to explain that everyone has them in their bags but it doesn't mean he can get a drink! (translation = JD had 16 beer tickets). We went on a track tram tour which was fun. We saw pit row, the garage and we also got to see where our seats were.

We got a quick bite to eat at the Continental breakfast then it was off to the vendors! (this is sorta like Apple Blossom for Nascar). There are giveaways everywhere. Kristin and I went to the
Crocs tent. We registered to win a free pair then Kristin spun the wheel to try to win a pair. She won a key chain and upon leaving the race, we bought her a pair of bright green crocs.

We also went and watched a little of the "live" edition of ESPN Sport Zone. We were possibly on TV as they would scan the audience frequently. After the Sports Zone, we ventured off to the Sprint/Nextel area as Matt and JD wanted to ride in a simulator. The lines were so long that we decided to nix the simulator and head back to the tent. I did however, get a picture of JD and Matt with Dale, Jr. Kristin wouldn't do it because it was "stupid" to get your picture with a cardboard Dale, Jr!

Knowing that Dale, Jr. was making an appearance at the tent between 10:15a - 11:00a, we headed back. I was so close - 10-15 feet max! He wasn't dressed up. He was wearing blue jeans, a white (probably Hanes) t-shirt with a button down shirt and a BUD hat. As I get ready to take his picture, my camera says, MEMORY FULL. What! is this a joke! Are you kidding, memory full. I erased some pictures so I can get a few of Jr. (I thought I put in the memory card for our weekend!). I tried again, no good.

During the interview, Dale, Jr. was given an official JMU dukes football helmet and a WVU football helmet. He was also given an official Redskins football jersey with his new team number 88 on it. Earnhardt was on the back as if he were going to "suit-up" for the next game. If you couldn't already tell, Dale, Jr. is a Redskin fan! WHOOO HOOOO. The interview is over and Dale, Jr. leaves. I could not believe I didn't get a pic of him. So close and my camera malfunctions! geez... For some strange reason, I opened up to look at the card to see why it didn't work (like that really matters) and would you believe it, I didn't put the card in! UUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!! Way to go mom is all I heard.

Its time for lunch and we venture up for our meal. The meal consisted of: Grilled chicken breast or Pulled Pork sandwiches, baked beans, mac and cheese, cole slaw, potato salad and peach cobbler. The meal was great and we all enjoyed it!

Its off to the track! Check back tomorrow for some race pictures and race fan highlights! (I forgot my phone cord to download). There are some really cool shots of the family, surrounding fans and some movie footage I hope will download for you all to see the fun we had.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Beauty at its best!!!

What we got to see after the much needed rainfall on Friday! This was the first time I have ever seen 2 rainbows at a time. This one almost looked like you could find a pot of gold at the end!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Martinsville or bust . .

The Sweet Family is going to Martinsville, Virginia for the Subway 500!!! This is the last official race for Dale Earnhardt, Jr. with the Budweiser racing team and DEI (Dale Earnhardt International).

We will be enjoying all the festivities of the day beginning at the Bud Fan Zone hospitality tent for breakfast, track tram tours, Q & A with Dale, Jr, Lunch, door prizes then off to the RACE! We will be sitting in the Sprint tower section at turn one and will be on row 3. HMMMM row "3" - Dale Sr's race car number.

Check back next week for pics of our exciting day as this will be the first Nascar race for Matt and Kristin!!!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Introducing . . . . Snuggles

Here is a picture of the "newest" addition to the Sweet Family; Snuggles. JD said he looks tasty. I actually thought he looked cute and cuddly. Hmmmmm....tasty? Not my cup of "stew".

Thursday, October 11, 2007


The answer leads all the way back to 1896 when Virginia Agricultural and Mechanical College changed its name to Virginia Polytechnic Institute. With the change came the necessity for writing a new cheer and a contest for such a purpose was held by the student body. Senior O.M. Stull won first prize for his "Hokie" yell which is still used today. Later, when asked if "Hokie" had any special meaning, Stull explained the word was solely the product of his imagination and was used only as an attention-getter for his yell. It soon became a nickname for all Tech teams and for those people loyal to Tech athletics. The official university school colors - Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange - also were introduced in 1896. The colors were chosen by a committee because they made a 'unique combination' not worn elsewhere at the time.

The official definition of "hokie" is "a loyal Virginia Tech Fan". The bird is a "HokieBird" which has evolved from a turkey. Virginia Tech teams were once called the "gobblers"!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Kristin . . . . being Kristin

The kids and I stopped at the Dollar Tree on Saturday and Kristin comes up behind me and says hey mom, what do you think of me now? (I always take my camera with me because both kids are always doing "camera catching" things!!!) After I took this, she began dancing around with the boa. What a NUT. She also knows this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Some of Amy's New Fav's....check em' out!

My new favorite line of hair care products!

Bath and Body has really outdone themselves
with this one!

Makes your house smell like fresh pumpkin. Yummy!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Look out Tiger!

I have listed below an article that was in the Wytheville Enterprise showcasing the Fort Chiswell Pioneer Golf team. Matt is listed below with the JV Team. If I find any other articles, I will add them as well!!!

Fort Chiswell golf
Wytheville Enterprise StaffWytheville Enterprise: Sports >12:35 PM
Fort Chiswell Golf Press Report Match at Galax on Thursday August 15th.
The match was played at Blue Ridge Country Club in Galax at a par of 35 over 3133 yards.
Team Scores: Galax 159 Fort Chiswell 179
Individual Scores: Galax Fort Chiswell Scott Alouf 37 Cody Poole 40 Brock Cox 39 Seth Carico 44 Rob Guynn 44 Hunter Milgrim 48 Gee Zachary 45 Tyler Akers 47 Tyler Ward 39 Drew White 49 Morgan Holder 57 Matthew Moore 49

JV Results
Team Scores: Galax 176 Fort Chiswell 202
Individual Scores: Galax Fort Chiswell
Matthew Downey 40 vs. Matthew Sweet, 48 John Bryant 43 vs. John Neary 48, Travis Cockerham 46 vs. Dean 52 Ben Hill 47 vs. T.J. Stafford 54

Monday, October 1, 2007


This is the absolute must have in lunch bags. The hardest part is picking out which one to get. I would love to have one of each!!!

Mrs. Zach Efron?

My little girl is now signing her name as Mrs. Zach Efron, Mrs. Kristin Efron, etc... OMG, it is starting! I was picking up some things in her room and could not stop laughing when I saw a notebook on her dresser that said, "DO NOT READ". Hello, has she forgotten who her mother is; YUP, the nosiest person in the world! Upon opening "this notebook" I know I laughed until tears were a flowin', she had written in cursive, Mrs. Zach Efron, Kristin Efron, Mrs. Efron, etc... She also has Zach Efron pictures everywhere in her room; including a Zach collage! (look to the right of her, its Zach in a wife beater. . .hehehe)

I heard Matt and Kristin fighting a couple days ago and it was getting pretty ugly so I decided to see what was going on this time. As I got close to Kristin's room, I heard Matt say, "Hey Mrs. Efron, your class is too noisy!" I of course heard her say shut up and some other not so nice expletives; however, I never heard her say, don't call me Mrs. Efron! hmmmm?

Every day I have to hear talk about Zach Efron. The really funny part is she will say, "Mom he is so nice, I bet he really takes care of Vanessa". He really loves her and would never cheat on her. (Boy is she living in a fantasy world).

I also found out that Matt has been saying that Zach Efron is gay on the bus! One girl on the bus hit Matt in the head because he kept saying it. I presume she is Mrs. Zach Efron as well! hehehehehe

Welcome to fall y'all

I am so excited that it is Fall! There is nothing like forgetting to close your windows and waking up at 6:ooam and it is 40 degrees outside!

The kids and I started the weekend off Friday night by going to see the movie The Game Plan with "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson. This is one of the cutest movies I have ever seen. I caught myself a couple times tearing up! Disney really knows how to make a movie!!!

Saturday was spent outside doing lots of mowing and trimming of the shrubs. Kristin and I did our normal routine of grocery shopping and Matt stayed home with JD and continued to mow til dark.

Sunday morning was spent cleaning and guess what......mowing! Matt finished the mowing and I am hoping this is the last time we will have to mow until next Spring. Our pond pump appears to be on its last leg (but we are not sure) so I went to good ole' Walmart to look at the pond pumps and to my surprise . . . they have already turned Home and Garden into a Winter Wonderland!

Have a fantastic week and let me know how everyone is doing!!!

Is it fall?

Well, I guess Fall is only here because the calendar says so! It has been 86-89 degrees this week and is supposed to continue with this "heat wave" for another week or two. (For this area, this is VERY unseasonably warm. Temps for this time of year in the NRV (New River Valley) are usually around 75-78 degrees). Another item of concern here are the stink bugs. I was watching the news and apparently the stink bugs have never been this bad here! Great . . . The stink bugs are like ladybugs in the Shenandoah Valley . . ugh!!! Since the weather is going to be so nice this weekend, I will take some pictures to post on our page; so check back next week!