Friday, September 28, 2007

A Fall Season Without 'The Amazing Race'

Are you kidding? No Amazing Race 12 this fall. It is now being reported that after winning another Emmy that this show is on its "last leg"? Loved this reality tv show.

Speaking of Reality TV- - - Survivor China is the worst Survivor yet! I have faithfully watched Survivor since episode 1 with Richard Hatch winning. The first night, Chicken got voted off. I actually liked Chicken and felt that he could have won Survivor China. As for last nights episode, hmmmm was that Survivor?

Another fall flop . . Kid Nation. Are they serious? Is Kid Nation another one of those weak VH1 specials in the making. . . . Where are they now? I actually saw where they are looking for kids for a Kid Nation 2 ; give me a break. I really could go on with this one but I will contain myself!


Melis B said...

Ugh..this so makes me miss you. I love talking reality TV with you. No one at the office watches all the stupid shows we watch. :)
Enjoy your weekend,

The Sweet Family said...

I just wish I had someone to talk to! Reality tv will always be my life!! Dying for Wednesday to get here for the Top Chef finale.