Friday, September 28, 2007

A Fall Season Without 'The Amazing Race'

Are you kidding? No Amazing Race 12 this fall. It is now being reported that after winning another Emmy that this show is on its "last leg"? Loved this reality tv show.

Speaking of Reality TV- - - Survivor China is the worst Survivor yet! I have faithfully watched Survivor since episode 1 with Richard Hatch winning. The first night, Chicken got voted off. I actually liked Chicken and felt that he could have won Survivor China. As for last nights episode, hmmmm was that Survivor?

Another fall flop . . Kid Nation. Are they serious? Is Kid Nation another one of those weak VH1 specials in the making. . . . Where are they now? I actually saw where they are looking for kids for a Kid Nation 2 ; give me a break. I really could go on with this one but I will contain myself!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Sweet Family

Well we made the move. We packed up the house, the kids and the dogs and moved to Southwest Virginia. Life is so different here. No one gets in a hurry; which is really getting hard to get used to. If you have ever seen the commercial of people at lunch paying by debit card then low and behold, here comes someone with cash slowing things down. Well, Southwest VA is the cash. People are very friendly here. This is one thing that is very hard to get used to!

JD is working for Amcor Pet Packaging in Wytheville, Virginia and I am working at Danaher Motion ( in Radford, Virginia.

JD isn't working as much as he was which has become a godsend! He is able to spend more time with his children and ME!!! Yep....its still all about ME!! (just kidding). We love all of the land we have. With over 11 acres, there seems to be tons and tons and tons of work to do. Now that gardening and berry picking is over (canning, canning and more canning), we are now beginning to survey the land and decide which trees will need to be cut down. We have had two bonfires and that was a blast. The kids and I made smores (which was really the first time we have ever done it) and boy were they great!

JD and I ride four-wheelers on the weekend just enjoying being together. It is also a nice time to get away from the kids for a little while.

Matt is enjoying high school life at Fort Chiswell High. GO PIONEERS!!! He is on the golf team and has joined the DECA Club. He still plays his xbox 360 all the time. I bought him guitar hero and that seems to be a lot of fun for he and his sister.

Kristin is enjoying middle school at Fort Chiswell Middle.

I also bought them a Nintendo WII (we). This was next to impossible to get here. We had to search every Walmart and Gamestop until we finally found one. (It took over 2 months to finally get). The kids and JD love it a lot. I on the other hand, still DO NOT like video games so I haven't played it yet and really, I don't think I will be! However, I love the computer games! Still trying to master Diner Dash and Flo on the Go!

Of course there is lots to do but we just take it one day at a time!!! Trying to make time to stop and smell the roses :o)